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A trading style of Leaseline The Vehicle Leasing Specialists Ltd, a completely independent broker specialising in all aspects of car leasing for British Nursing times Professionals.

Being approved associates for many of the leading Contract Hire and Car Leasing Companies, we have authorised access to their exclusive offers and cheapest quotes. We are totally independent of all manufacturers and financial institutions and can provide totally unbiased information and advice.

We are registered with the office of fair trading to provide consumer credit to customers requiring business contract hire, Personal contract hire (PCH) private car leasing,



It is an arrangement where you can hire a brand new car for a specified period usually with a pre decided mileage, the most common is 10,000 miles per annum (but can be adjusted) and pay a fixed monthly rental for the period to the leasing company who own the vehicle and each year sends you the road tax.



You hand the car back with no balloon payment and no need to dispose of the car as it is collected from your home and if satisfied with our service your new car will be delivered as well.

Full details can be found in the British Nursing times & NHS Nursing training Handbook to Car Leasing



Are you the type of person who likes to change their car every few years ?

Would you like to drive a brand new vehicle that requires no MOT, very little maintenance ?


If so, then ask yourself a few simple questions:

How much did you spend when buying your last car? (add interest if you got a loan, and Road Tax)

How long did you keep the car for?

How much did you sell the car for? (less any advertising costs)

To work out roughly how much your last car cost you per month, do this simple equation;


(what you spent) minus (what you sold it for) divided by (number of months you owned it)

Of course, you'll also need to add the cost of any road tax that you had to buy during the time that you owned the car and work out how much interest you paid out (if you took out a loan), or how much interest you lost (if you took the money from a savings account). And the costs and inconvenience don't end there; when you finally sold the car, how long did the process take and how much did you spend on advertising. Even worse, if you part-exchanged your car, how much less than the market rate did the dealer offer you.

On balance, when you add everything up "the costs, the hassles, the inconvenience" and you look at what you could have leased for the same money or less, you have to ask yourself: "why on Earth would I ever buy a car again...?

Still not convinced.? why not read "A typical new car buyer's journey"

Following the success of our other tailored websites we have lauched Nursing Car Leasing, a trading style of Leaseline.

We recognise people like British nursing times & NHS Nursing training professionals, lead busy lives on nursing training courses and work long hours often do not have the time or inclination to spend traipsing around car dealers, trying in vain to obtain quality, accurate information about the range of cars and finance deals on offer.

Nurse Car Leasings jargon free approach, where the entire transaction can take place over the telephone or E Mail, which means that you can make a well informed, considered decision about which car and finance package suits you.

Everything is explained clearly and sufficiently, so you no longer feel vulnerable when obtaining your next new car.

The car is delivered free of charge to your door at times that suits you.

Personal Contract hire is becoming the increasingly preferred way to obtain a new vehicle,



1, We will save you money on your next car lease or contract hire.

2, Fast, friendly and professional service.

3, We only deal with major finance companies and ensure there are no hidden extras, GUARANTEED

4, We have over 30 years experience within this Industry.

5, Best industry rates GUARANTEED

6, All manufacturer and finance discounts are passed on to you generating the cheapest busness, personal and top contract hire deals.

7, We are a contract hire car company broker offfering the most suitable business and personal contract hire deals in the market, tailored for your required use.


With our reputation amongst the vehicle manufacturers, dealers, Top Ten Vehicle Finance partners and our commitments to volume, we can obtain massive discounts on many leading models. This generates incredible leasing deals, that can be passed onto you.


We can offer the right car and deal to all areas of Bristish nursing times whether you are in hospital jobs or in nhs nursing training or indeed in any nursing role.

Nurse car leasing can offer flexiable contracts to meet your mileage, term and depsoits needs and cars start as £119.99 per month including VAT for British Nursing times Professionals.



Leaseline The Vehicle Leasing Specialist Ltd, 1 George Street, First Floor, Huntingdon, PE29 3AD

REG NO: 5957936 ENGLAND - VAT NO: 220 3055 69 FRN: 689139 - DATA PROTECTION A8064830

(Leaseline The Vehicle Leasing Specialist Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority)