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Welcome to Nurse Car Leasing

A trading style of Leaseline vehicle leasing specialists Ltd, a completely independent broker specialising in all aspects of car leasing. Being approved associates for many of the leading car leasing providers in the UK.

Our aim is to bring you the best car leasing deals in the market.

Nurse Car Leasing

We work with numerous leasing providers and most vehicle manufacturers to find as many exclusive offers for members of the nursing profession..

Car leasing is an explosive area similar to that of the mobile phone arrival. "If It Appreciates, Buy It. If It Depreciates, Lease It" someone once said.

What is Car Leasing ?

Leasing cars is an arrangement where customers hire a vehicle for a specified period and pre decided mileage by paying a monthly instalment (rental) to the leasing company who owns the car.

It gives hassle free motoring for a fixed monthly fee, on a brand new vehicle that's delivered to your door. The road tax is sent to you on each anniversary of the car lease, free of charge and at the end of the lease you hand the car back with no balloon payment or need to onward sell, which is why it's a very cost effective way to have a new vehicle.

If the VAT or Road Tax licence fee alters during the contract period this cost is paased on to you for the remainder of the contract usually by altering the monthly payments

So you would like a new car ?

Why use Nurse Car Leasingf for leasing cars ?

  1. We are specialists in this market an aim to make car leasing made simple for you
  2. We will save you money on your next Car Lease deals or Business Contract Hire.
  3. Fast, friendly and professional service.
  4. We only deal with major finance companies and ensure there are no hidden extras, GUARANTEED
  5. Over 35 years experience within this Industry.
  6. Best car lease deals GUARANTEED
  7. All manufacturer and finance discounts are passed on to you generating cheap car lease deals.

We started our company as a business car leasing brokerage offering the most suitable vehicle leasing solutions in the market, tailored for the business, ensuring only the best car lease deals were offered - a one stop shop - car leasing made simple that now private individuals can take advantage of too.

With our reputation amongst the vehicle manufacturers, dealers, top ten vehicle leasing companies and our commitments to volume, we can obtain massive discounts on many leading lease cars. This generates cheap car lease deals that can be passed on to you.

We deal with customers from a wide spectrum, from private individuals, sole traders, small business to companies with large fleets. So if you are looking for a best car lease deals, lease cars on finance lease, business contract hire or straight hire purchase give us a try we will save you money.

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